Sayyid sa'eed akhtar rizvi
World Organization for Islamic Services (WOFIS)
Year Of Publication:
In This Extraordinary compelling and powerful read, we see without a shadow of a doubt the horrific true nature and extreme ill consequences of Alcohol on the human body. Pertaining to the health of an individual physically, emotionally, mentally, and otherwise - this eye opening booklet awakens the hearts and minds of man from whichever background he may be or of whichever mindset he may have - to the truth of realities based solely on proofs given in reference by Senate Documentation, Medical officers, Doctors, Commissioners, Neurologists, and many other professionals in this field from all around the globe. One may see not only through the many tests conducted but even just by reading the many logical proofs and arguments of reason provided in this inspiring read. This booklet further goes on to explain Islam's view based on the Holy Quran on the subject of alcohol as well as that of The Bible and narrations from the holy Prophet Muhammad (saws) and Ahlu-Bayt (as). This is simply a must read for any single one individual with a thirst for truth, knowledge, or just simply a great benefit to his overall life and health, either for himself or in order to help pass on to others.