T he Library section of our application includes about 1500 books and papers classified into 9 categories:
The Holy Qur’an, Hadith, Beliefs, Ethics, The Infallibles, Fiqh, History, Spirituality and Philosophy.
Another feature of this section is that you can see the most downloaded books, recommended books, newest books, and most popular books rated by our users in the “FOR YOU” section.
If you are looking for a specific book, you can go to the search bar and look for your desired book both by title or hashtag and by author or translator.
Once you select a book, similar books are recommended to you. Furthermore, you may also read comments of others on your selected book or leave your own comment or rating on the book.
You may download any of the books available in the library for free and create your own personal library of downloaded books.
In the reader mode of the Library section, all necessary features are available to provide you with a better study experience, including the option to customize font size, color, light, and more.