In this section of the application, at the top of the page you can see the adhan times and also a Timer will be displayed one hour before the Adhaan.
Every day you will get Daily Quran, Daily Hadith and Daily Dua in three different posts with elegant photography, and they will be stored in the Quran Media, Hadith Media & Dua Media sections to give you access to them whenever you want.
In the Quran Media section, you will have easy access to beautifully displayed Ayaat of the Holy Qur’an which have been arranged according to various Surahs.
Also in the Hadith Media section you will have access to the most useful ahadith of the prophet and his progeny from Imam Ali until Imam Mahdi (AS)
And in the Dua Media section you will have easy access to the most useful phrases from various Important Duas which have been illustrated using beautiful designs.
These designs and this photography helps us better appreciate and implement the content of these divine teachings in our lives.