About Us

Here at Shia Muslim App, we concentrate our efforts on making sure our vision comes true. We deliver mobile apps in android and iOS to help and support the Muslim Community, specifically the Shia Muslim community, to provide them with the most comprehensive and useful Islamic features.
We try our best to provide those features which are needed the most for any Muslim in his/her daily life, including Islamic Calendar & Events, Prayer Times, The Holy Quran with various and innovative features, Hadith Collection with more than 4000 Hadith, a library with more than 1200 Islamic Books and articles, Duas and Prayers, Sahifa Sajjadiya and Nahjul Balagha, Qibla Finder, Qadha Tracker, and Virtual Ziyarah in livestream. Additionally, for the first time we are providing Online Istikhara, which is needed for so many Muslims who have no access to an Islamic scholar.
The main difference between this App and other similar applications is that we strive to supply all these contents and features in a single application which is innovative, user-friendly, and can be enjoyed by all Shia Muslims regardless of their various cultural backgrounds.
This App is supported and promoted via some Scholars and developers from Shia Muslim Project. We express our sincere thanks to all institutions and individuals for helping and supporting us in this application specifically Dua.org, Al-islam.org and Tanzil.net If you have any constructive advice for upcoming updates, please let us know in comments or Get help & Feedback section inside the App.