Privacy Policy

Shia Muslim only collects very basic and general information from users. The information we gather is for improving your experience and performance of the application. In one word for using this App you don’t have to give any permission and there is always an alternative way.
We take the privacy of the information you provide and that we collect seriously and we implement security safeguards designed to protect your data. We do not share your personally data with any third-party advertisers or ad networks for any third-party purposes.
The information we collect depends on the services and functionality you request. You may decline to submit personal information to us; however, that may prohibit us from having the ability to provide you with certain App services or functionality. The personal information we collect and the purpose for which we use that information is described below.
You do not need to sign up for a Membership account to use this application. However, Membership allows us to tailor this App to be a more personalized experience. To create a Membership account, we require that you provide only a name, and a valid email address. Your privacy is important to us that's why this application does not ask any extra or unrelated access and even more we tried our best to not ask even usual access that almost all applications ask for these kinds of functionality.
The most Important part of this App about privacy is that users have not to give any access to use this App even in full version, for example for Adhan, users are able to choose their location manually instead of activate GPS. Shia Muslim is a super App with the integration of more than 10 applications and more parts of it works online, by the way user does not have to give any access or permission.
What Personal Information We Collect
If you have a shia Muslim account, we may have, process, and use the following types of personal information that you provide when you use our App or the services available through the App, including: The information you upload to or enter on the App such as your name, email address, and profile picture Your user activity, e.g., your searches of the Qur’an or the Hadith section; and the books you request to download or the city you have chosen for the time of adhan. Modifications you make to any of your settings.
Whether you have a Shia Muslim account or not, we may have, process, and use the following types of personal information relating to your device and the App settings, including: Device information: the device’s manufacturer, model, operating system and version, and the App version. App activity: App pairing with a smart watch, date of App installation, date of last use of the App, city, state, country, IP address, time zone, language, and a “once per app installation” ID (which we generate when you install the App and which is then destroyed when the App is deleted from your device); the name and country of your mobile operator, session duration, feature usage information, and the App’s premium/free status. Prayer location information: when you use the App for prayer times, we need to know where you are, i.e., your geolocation information or the city that you have manually selected.
If you have an account with us, your latest changes on different features and sections i.e. prayer location information will be synchronized across other devices associated with your account. If you do not have an account with us, the prayer location information will be stored in your device and will not be transmitted to our servers. Other geolocation information: when you use the App, one another feature (Qibla) also require your geolocation information. Such geolocation information will always be stored in your device and we will never store it. Analytics: This is information that our analytics service-providers - Google Firebase, Google Analytics for Firebase and Google Firebase Crashlytics - give us.
How We Use Your Information
To process your requests and respond to your inquiries To provide information on other devices; which you want to use with the same account Device information is collected in order to have better insights into the crashes observed by users. In case of any new feature or content or permission, Shia Muslim Project has the right to change the privacy policy and users are highly recommended to overview it from time to time.